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Total Revenue Generated By Quicklines Customers.
*Clients Who Used A Quicklines Message In Their Outreach
Customer Results
  • 150%
    Average Increase In Positive Responses
  • 4.3x
    Increased Meeting Booked Rate
  • 333%
    Connection Request Acceptance Rate
Quicklines Generated
451 Quicklines Created Every Minute

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Consistent first lines that deliver results.
Supercharge your cold outreach.

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Social Data Scraping.
We dive into your prospect's social channels to find the best angle for your first line.
AI-Powered Line Writing.
We write natural, authentic first lines to help you build better relationships.
Consistent Performance.
Don't worry about awkward, inconsistent first lines when you are using Quicklines.
How it works

Using Quicklines Personalized AI Cold Email Writer Is Simple.


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  • 600 Contact Credits
  • $0.25 Per Contact
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  • $0.20 Per Contact
  • 90 Day Credit Rollover
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What data does Quicklines need to create the first lines?
Quicklines uses LinkedIn profile URLs to write the personalized first lines for your contacts.
How does a Quicklines credit work?
One contact credit will produce anywhere from 1-5 personalized first lines you can use.
How much post-editing is required for these lines?
Absolutely none. We have a 90%+ success rate on ready to send first lines.
How long does it take to write first lines?
Single lines take less than 60 seconds to process. Complete CSV uploads take 5-10 minutes.
Do credits roll over if they aren't used the same month?
Yes. Credits are valid for 90 days from when they are added to your Quicklines account.
Do you offer enterprise solutions?
Yes. Please send a message to enterprise@quicklines.ai to chat about our enterprise pricing.

Upgrade Your First Lines.

Unlock superpowers for your cold outreach.

Personalized AI-powered cold email first lines to help you get more meetings.